This New Year

As we enter this New Year, we can have no idea of what is ahead for us; how our lives will be shifted, the transformations and changes that will take place –yet what we can expect is that we will be met with countless experiences that will offer us the opportunity to know who we truly are; at times it may be a challenge to see some of these as benevolent offerings, however they are reminders from ourSelf to ourselves to Wake Up.
Perhaps this is the year we will notice these experiences as invitations to know who we truly are.
They will most likely arrive as experiences we want to avoid, ignore and dismiss; grasp, claim and push away; the moments we hate, fear, despise, or even the ones we desire and love, the times when we feel humbled or humiliated, boastful or shameful; some of the appeals will arrive as barely noticed brushes on our shoulder, while others will ruthlessly and unapologetically crash through the very foundations of our lives; and if we are willing to allow ourselves the space to rest in silence, we may even be able to hear our souls longing that can be heard within the silenced voices that have never been given the opportunity to speak.
Perhaps this is the year we let them speak.
This year, can we see each and every experience as an offering to know who we are —to know ourSelf beyond who we have always taken ourselves to be or who others have told us we are and who we have come to believe ‘others’ are? It is my hope that we can see all of these experiences this year as divine offerings, they are the gatekeepers for discovering abiding peace, a peace within and for the world; and they are here for each and every one of us….it is our birthright.