The Waves

Perhaps we can see our lives like the the ocean, use our awareness as a way to navigate these seas. When we resist the waves of our life, whether it be a thought, feeling, sensation, or our demands that things should appear differently —we deny life itself. Many of us have spent a great deal of time bracing and hardening ourselves against the waves, and we bear the bruises of our own resistance to show for it. What if we can soften towards the waves, which is not to say we are enjoying what is being experienced, but perhaps we meet life as it is. When we demand that life appear differently than it is we stay on the surface and are battered around by the the waves; simply because life is completely disinterested in our minds insistence that life should be different. What if we were to soften enough to let the waves sink us below the surface; it would mean giving up how we believe life or any experience should be and meeting everything exactly as it is. The moment this is allowed we have surrendered to a place that can never be known from the surface. We reveal a stillness that is untouched by the waves. It is from this place, that we are able to gaze up to the surface above and have profound gratitude for those waves that have tossed us into the deepest depths of our life.