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I have bowed my head in gratitude countless times for having stepped on my yoga mat 19 years ago, but I have never more grateful for this Practice than today. Tomorrow I start the journey to signficantly reduce my chances of developing breast and ovarian cancer, by beginning a series of challenging surgeries. How fortunate am I to have had teachers who have reminded me that the physical postures are merely vehicles to bring me to a deeper place of knowing who I am. I am indebted to the injuries I have had over the years, that have forced me to look deep within and asked me to clarify the purpose behind what, why and how I was practicing; and in examining my purpose, I was able to find my Self when I lost mySelf in the physical proudness of a handstand or crow, a forearm balance or Marichyasana. Tomorrow I will remember, that just like that day in the Fall of 1997, when I found myself in the basement of a dusty old Masonic temple, huffing and puffing my way through my first ever sun salutes, that this journey too will take me to remarkable places.