Foot Reflexology

“Erica’s reflexology is perhaps the most relaxing, peaceful and meditative experience that I do for myself in this frenetic, over stimulated world we live in. While my feet are manually being treated my mind is in a hypnotic state. Erica has created a truly blissful space to let go and receive. My other experiences with reflexology do not compare. Erica is a gifted practitioner.”
-Diane Croce

Your feet support you throughout your life. Every day your feet bear your weight either standing, walking, running, or lifting. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the organs and systems in your body are represented in your feet. Your feet also have the largest pores in your body for detoxification. With the wear and tear of daily living, caring for your feet is an easy, healthy way to rejuvenate yourself. Based on 4,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, foot reflexology combines Chinese Qi meridian methodology, acupressure, and pressure point therapy detox into one holistic massage that increases circulation and rebalances the body’s energy system. During the 60-minute session, hot stones, (if session held on-site), will be incorporated into the reflexology session as well as aromatherapy. In-home reflexology sessions are also offered. I also make visits to rehabilitation centers and Hospitals.

One Hour Hot Stone Foot Reflexology Session


One Hour In-Home

$120 mainline | $150 city

One Hour Reflexology Hospital Visit