About Erica

I began my yoga practice in 1995 in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, after suffering an injury while training for a marathon. That injury, unbeknownst at the time, was a gift that led me to the path of Yoga. In 2005, I met my primary teacher Yoganand Michael Carroll and completed the Pranakryia Yoga Teacher training. I have been teaching private yoga, classes, teacher training modules and workshops for over 9 years and am continually amazed at the transformative aspects of the Practice.

In 2014 I developed a teacher-training module titled Wall Vinyasa Teacher Training.  This training allows yoga teachers to lead a vinyasa practice using the wall as a means of support, as an assist to deepen postures, as well a method of refining alignment. In the level I training, teachers learn over 85 variations of asanas at the wall.   The Level II training is in development and trainings will begin in 2016.

I encourage you to look through the site, and that you will take a moment to glance at some of the “musings” that are posted throughout the web pages, as well as explore the Musings Page itself.  These writings have been inspired by my own personal Practice.  I hope that our paths will cross-I truly enjoy meeting each student in the place they are in, and believe with patience and breath that the Practice has incredible gifts to offer each one of us.

Lastly, I am deeply grateful for my teachers who have always guided me back to myself-to find the answers within and continue to support me on this incredible journey: Bart Marshall and Deborah Westmoreland, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Connie Beaudoin, Paul Hedderman and Adyashanti, the students who come to classes and my children.

All Love,